The whole world is connected to the opioid crisis, which affects everyone in the world one way or another. In the 1980s and ’90s it was the coke problem, and I knew plenty of people who were very heavily into that scene, even in our small seaside town in Maine.

But there is another side to this coin. When people are in real pain all day every day, what do they do for pain relief when that door is now shut and locked? I am a prime example, as I had a nasty accident about four weeks ago and broke three bones in my back and hip, including my tailbone. Try finding a comfortable way to sit or lie down when you break your tailbone – it is impossible.

Pain is my alarm clock every morning, following me around all day until I finally crash on the sofa for the night. Why the sofa? Because it is easier to get into and out of instead of my bed. There are even days when wearing clothes hurts.

So who is going to help us? No one will prescribe opioids to anyone, not even in the hospital, unless you are dying. I understand the state’s concerns, but what about the rest of us? Real people are in serious pain, and all the doctors say is “Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.”

Krista Archer


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