Nixon for Topsham Selectboard 

I’m a lifelong resident of Topsham and I feel it’s time for a new voice in town leadership.  That’s why I’m voting for Matthew Nixon Nov. 5 for Selectboard.  I’ve known Matthew since 2001 where we attended the University of Maine together.  He is a dedicated father and community member as evidenced by his volunteer work on Topsham’s Comprehensive Plan Committee and Conservation Commission.  Having known Matthew for almost 20 years, I know that he will work hard, listen openly, and best of all, in my opinion, Matthew will be open to discussing new ideas and ways of doing business that will ultimately make Topsham a better place to work and to live.  Please join me in voting for a new perspective this November. Vote for Matt Nixon. 

Cheverson Juntura, 


Bowdoin student concerned about arctic drilling 

I’m member of Bowdoin 2021 and a member of the new campus chapter of Defenders of Wildlife. Our current focus is on preventing the exploitation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from drilling by oil and gas companies. Not only is the Refuge home to incredible biodiversity — scientists call it the “Serengeti of the Arctic”  it’s the homeland of indigenous peoples, such as the Gwich’in Nation, who have spoken out in clear opposition of this drilling initiative. I’ve been extremely disappointed by the extensive rollbacks of environmental protection policies under our current administration, and there are serious biological, cultural, and climate-related consequences to proceeding with drilling in the Refuge. I’m encouraged by the leadership of Maine representatives Jared Golden and Chellie Pingree for voting to pass HR1146 in the House. I hope you will join us in prioritizing the interests of people and ecosystems over those of corporations by joining Defenders and/or putting pressure on companies like Exxon, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, and Hillcorps not to bid on oil and gas leases in the Refuge.  

Audrey Reuman, 

Bowdoin College