Enough with the negativity. I think we’re blessed with three excellent mayoral candidates, all with impressive backgrounds and laudable records of public service to our city.

After careful thought about who would best represent the broadest interests of the entire Portland community, I’ve decided to support Ethan Strimling for a second term. The main reason is that he gives a voice to people and causes that otherwise might not be heard, especially amidst the din of the current “boom” in Portland.

He brings valuable diversity to a city council that tends to tilt too readily toward development without fully considerating the impacts on traffic, parking, green space, and most of all, affordable housing.

The mayor has steadfastly supported tenants’ rights, public transportation and clean elections, always striving for socioeconomic as well as ethnic diversity – in short, the things that make Portland a great place for all, not just the few.


Peter Gordon


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