October is Respect Life Month. But the culture of death continues: forcing taxpayers to fund abortion and legalizing assisted suicide. Also, we are demonstrating an insidious, growing lack of respect for each other; hence, for life.

Listen to the lack of respect and anger demonstrated by our congressional representatives, state legislators and leaders and reality, sports, talk and cable news shows. Does anyone not think this carries over to us? “Peaceful” demonstrations and protests are rare: listen to the anger in the rhetoric, see it in the faces of demonstrators.

What is worse our children are forced to see, hear and experience this. We are failing our children! I know from experience as a teacher, father and grandfather that, while we often think our children are not paying attention, they are, unfortunately, soaking this stuff up like sponges and it is having an impact. They’re making threats against their schools, starting fires in them and participating in incessant bullying and racial incidents. I firmly believe too many of our young people are beginning to think that if adults can conduct themselves so poorly, then they can, too.

From 2007 through 2018 there were 16 school shootings in the U.S. involving multiple deaths of students. One perpetrator was over the age of 27; five were only teenagers.

The message is clear: We are failing our children! Each of us must change. We must commit to and personally demonstrate respect for each other and teach our children to do likewise. Respect life! There is no other way.

Daniel J. Rooney


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