WESTBROOK — The City Council unanimously approved a pedestrian safety measure Monday to remove parking spaces within 20 feet of downtown crosswalks.

Paint and signs will mark the new no parking areas, which may eventually lead to curbing changes, according to Discover Downtown Westbrook Executive Director Abigail Cioffi.

Discover Downtown Westbrook proposed the plan at meeting Sept. 23. City Administrator Jerre Bryant said then that signs could be installed in the spring.

“This is important,” said Councilor Larry McWilliams. “Driving through I see where people have to duck out into the road to look for traffic. … This will help people walk more safely.”

“I appreciate this. … I was hit while crossing the street recently out of state, and it’s a problem,” Council Chairman Gary Rairdon said.

The measure will result in the loss of 12 parking spaces.

“The loss … has a minimal impact on the overall availability of parking in our commercial core,” Cioffi said in a letter to the city administration. “We would like to continue the conversation with other street calming initiatives, to further reinforce our commitment to pedestrian safety. Bump outs, in particular, would be a great solution, as they increase sightlines more than no parking zones and do not result in lost parking.”

The measure comes after a pedestrian and car accident that killed Clifford Verrill, 67, in early September. Police are still looking for information in regards to the accident.

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