The idea that kids demonstrating for climate change is an insult to their elders completely misses the point of the protests. These demonstrations are about the present and the future, not about the past.  Sure, things have improved over the last four decades.  BUT does that mean the older generation should pat themselves on the back and say, “What good guys we are.” 

Let’s consider what is going on now. 

Our air, water and soil are still being fouled by self-serving corporations–run by adults.  Laws that protect the environment are being undermined–by adults.  Climate change is being denied–by adults. 

The whole idea of climate activism is to get everyone, children and adults, together to work for a common goal.  It is certainly not to create dissension.  The kids want us to listen and take action.  Their very lives, their entire future, will be influenced by what we all do or do not do. 

Mr. Balentine has misrepresented their efforts. “How juvenile.” 

Arlene Holzman,