The Maine Legislature recently passed a bill allowing abortions to be labeled a health care issue and covered under taxpayer-funded insurance. I will state right off that I do not believe in abortion, but even if I did, my common sense would tell me that pregnancy should be covered by private or taxpayer-funded insurance. However, if this pregnancy is aborted by choice, how can this so-called “choice” be considered a medical condition covered by taxpayer-funded insurance?

I feel that it would be more prudent for our Legislature to work diligently at providing more support and counseling programs for these young girls and women who find themselves in a position of feeling the need to take the easy way out. There are many couples in our communities who would love to have children but are unable to conceive. Perhaps the Maine Legislature should put more effort into providing our adoption agencies with fewer regulations and costs.

Abortion is not a medical issue, it is a moral issue.

Colleen Taylor


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