I am writing to correct information and impressions contained in The Forecaster’s Oct.
10 article regarding Falmouth’s recent communications survey. The article contained information that is incorrect and misleading, including giving the impression that the town had participated in an interview for the article when, in fact, the town was never contacted regarding the results of the survey.

The truth is that communications in Falmouth have never been better. The recent
survey results are very helpful and informative. We are all working hard, across many channels, to enhance the way residents, businesses, and town officials interact with each other to deepen our shared sense of community.

If The Forecaster had reached out to the town, we would have been proud to say that in
the past few months, the town has: launched Falmouth’s first-ever bi-weekly newsletter;
increased the number and frequency of e-alerts and town-wide mailings; expanded its
use of social media to include more frequent posts and paid ads; committed to the
purchase of a weekly half-page ad in The Forecaster to help reach folks who are not
online; and conducted an audit of the website to fix broken links, remove outdated
information, identify inconsistencies and begin the process of evaluating how it can be
made more user-friendly.

In light of this good work, it is a shame that The Forecaster so negatively portrayed our community. I hope in the future they will ask the town to respond before a one-sided article is in print.

Amy Kuhn

Falmouth Town Council Chairwoman