The Kennebunkport Heritage Housing Trust, whose goal is to create 25 new affordable homes by 2025, is working on six new homes on a parcel of land in Cape Porpoise, near Main Street, said board member Sue Ellen Stavrand.  Photo courtesy of Sue Ellen Stavrand

KENNEBUNKPORT — The Kennebunkport Heritage Housing Trust is working on building 25 affordable homes in the town by 2025, and six of those should be completed by August of 2020.

Currently, the town of Kennebunkport has deeded over a parcel of land to the group, said board member Sue Ellen Stavrand.

Stavrand said that KHHT hopes to divide the land into six properties, which will be set at an affordable price for young families to move into Kennebunkport fulltime.

To help fund the project, KHHT will be hosting a live music night at Vinegar Hill Music Theatre on Nov. 7, said Stavrand.

The proceeds from the tickets, which are $25 per person, will go directly to funding infrastructure on the six properties, Stavrand said.

“Kennebunkport is rocky and swampy,” Stavrand said with a chuckle.


The land is located on Cape Porpoise, on a property called the Ice Rink, said Stavrand. KHHT will own the land and lease the homes, so the prices will stay affordable.


According to a press release from the town of Kennebunkport, the performers set for the night will be Betty & the Biddo Honeys, Beau Dalleo & the Lionheart, Chris Ross Band, Michael Corleto, Dock Squares, Fog Ave, Lisa, Byon and Jim and Ocean Ave.

Stavrand said that the organization is open to volunteer help from the community.

The two designs for the affordable homes are meant to only be for families. Photos courtesy of Sue Ellen Stavrand

Those who buy tickets for the event on Nov. 7 can additionally choose to donate more with their purchases.

“If people are interested in helping us with the efforts, in services, time or volunteer work, we’d love help,” she said.


As Kennebunkport’s houses increase in price, Stavrand said, more and more families are being pushed out of the area. The goal of KHHT is to bring younger people back to the community, who will work in the town and volunteer.

“We’re at 56 percent full-time residents,” Stavrand said.

Stavrand said that the group has been successful in gaining support from residents, and many outsiders are reaching out to KHHT expressing interest in the future homes.

“In fact, the list keeps growing,” Stavrand said. “Our tax rates compared to Kennebunk and Biddeford are more affordable. The school systems are wonderful. So we offer a lot of benefits.”

Along with the live music, the event will feature an auction on some unique items, said the press release.

“Auction items include: Lighting the Christmas tree on the second weekend of Prelude Ride with Santa on the lobster boat during Prelude Riding in Kennebunkport firetruck the Memorial Day Parade An authentic lobster boat ride in the spring A ride to school or work in a Kennebunkport firetruck A prime viewing spot for fireworks at Colony Beach on the Fourth of July,” the press release said.

Stavrand said that the evening wouldn’t be possible without the help from Weirs GMC, Guaranteed Rate, Billy Goat Landing and Kennebunkport Resort Collection, who are sponsoring the event.

For more information on KHHT, visit, and to purchase tickets for Nov. 7, visit

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