It is almost unthinkable that many Maine birds could be gone by 2100 because of the climate crisis, according to a recent study by the National Audubon Society (“Maine’s birds imperiled by a changing climate,” Oct. 11, Page A1). To limit the devastation, Audubon calls for 100 percent conversion to renewable energy, which will reduce carbon emissions that warm the planet. We have to stop burning fossil fuels as soon as possible.

The biggest step Maine can take right now to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere is to build the clean energy line to transmit electricity made from hydropower in Canada. That will greatly reduce fossil fuels burned in New England – in this case, natural gas. Hydropower makes electricity from falling water, not burning fossil fuels.

To save the birds, please urge Maine Audubon to support the clean energy line – the New England Clean Energy Connect project. No project is perfect, but NECEC will make a huge dent in carbon emissions in New England.

Al and Lois Howlett


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