It is demoralizing to think of a second term for a president who has caused so much harm in such a short period of time. We already see huge federal debt, climate degradation and emboldened dictators. The list seems endless, and all in the name of short-term profits with no thought of the future.

How could this irresponsible, short-sighted behavior be rewarded with another term? Unfortunately, most Democratic candidates are competing to see who can go further to the left, self-identifying as so-called “democratic socialists.” Socialism has never gained the support of the American electorate. The few moderates, like Joe Biden, either appear old and incapable or do not have enough name recognition.

I encourage everyone to consider Michael Bennet, a moderate with common-sense solutions who can beat Donald Trump nationally. Let’s avoid the catastrophe of four more years of climate destruction, massive debt and idiocy. Please look into Michael Bennet (

Peter Rowland


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