Over 10,000 Kurds died fighting ISIS on our behalf. And then, on the basis of a single phone call, and without warning, President Trump abandons the Kurds to the Turks who are the sworn enemies of the Kurds and have a vast army to call upon, armed in part with American weaponry.

Trump blithely dismisses the predictable massacre on the grounds that the Kurds did not support us on the beaches of Normandy in the Second World War (how could they?) and in any case it’s better for us if we are not there.

Every week I think he cannot sink any lower and then something like this happens.

Hundreds of thousands are fleeing their homes as the Turks engage in ethnic cleansing. Dozens of innocent women and children are dying daily. Entire communities are being destroyed.

I did not vote for Trump, but nevertheless this is our government and we all have to accept a measure of responsibility for these crimes.

How much longer will Susan Collins and the Senate Republicans protect Trump? We all of us to some degree, and the Senate Republicans more than anyone, have blood on our hands.

Nigel Calder


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