PORTLAND — Tyler Malmstrom, 28, of Sebago, was arrested Oct. 15 on Forest Avenue in connection with an indecent exposure incident and hit and run accident  in the city the week before.

Malmstrom was charged with operating after suspension and theft by receiving stolen property. The license plate attached to his 2004 Chevrolet pickup had been stolen from a similar vehicle in Standish.

Police had been looking for the individual responsible for a string of indecent exposures in Portland, Gorham and Sanford. Portland police worked with colleagues from the University of Southern Maine, Sanford, Scarborough and Westbrook, as well as Cumberland County Sheriff and Maine State Probation officers during the investigation. Detectives will work with prosecutors from the District Attorney’s Office to determine charges regarding the alleged indecent conducts.

According to police, “while incidents such as these are rare it is important to remember to be aware of your surroundings, walk in groups and in well lit or populated areas.”