I find it ironic that the recent spate of political ads criticizing Sen. Susan Collins for accepting corporate donations were in fact paid for by out-of-state political action committees and liberal donors. Hypocrisy doesn’t play well in Maine, and I am convinced most Mainers will see through this political hack job. Rest assured that if Sara Gideon or Betsy Sweet should prevail at next year’s election, it would not be long before they too scurry up to the corporate donations trough to ensure their re-election.

As the senator’s vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court came up in one of these ads, it raises the question: Just when did we throw out the basic premise of our judicial system of innocent until proven guilty? A 30-year-old unsubstantiated accusation does not a guilty verdict make.

You may disagree with Sen. Collins’ votes or political philosophy, but few have delivered more to Maine than she has. She is documented as the most bipartisan senator in Washington, and isn’t that what we want in someone representing our state? Don’t be fooled by the partisan ads that do not represent us or move us.

Steven Edmondson


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