Westbrook is on the verge of becoming a destination, a place to come to – a place that is known for her river, her trails and so much more. There is one individual that stands far and above all those currently running for office that has worked tirelessly in making all of this a reality for Westbrook and her citizens and that is Phil Spiller Jr.

Phil is a dynamic leader; one that cherishes our history, but sees our future. As he will always say, “you must see things from a 40,000-foot view” and he does. He won’t say it, but I will – Phil contributes both time energy and his own money to support our local organizations, clubs, youth, arts, recreation, veterans and so much more – it’s hard to name all that he does. He does this for one simple reason – his love of Westbrook. His pride, his spirit, his inspiration is infectious and those that meet him, work with him or are pulled into his vision and plans for Westbrook learn this immediately.

I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Phil’s father, Phil Spiller Sr. (former mayor of Westbrook) very well, but what I’ve learned of him and his love and dedication to Westbrook, our nation, our history and our military is clearly been passed on to his son, Phil Jr. From the heavens above, he must be beaming with pride and smiling down upon his son – “For Such A Time As This.”

Deb Shangraw
Ward 1 City Council candidate