I am writing in support of Alan Casavant. The job of mayor, regardless of city, is primarily to bring local experience and depth of understanding, not opinion, to the process of moving government forward. Alan has put Biddeford first as a councilor, legislator and mayor.

One thing that is unique about Alan Casavant is his continuous effort to find a way to identify goals that advance Biddeford to fullest potential.

For decades, all of us all talked of getting rid of Maine Energy Recovery Co. But Alan was undeterred in finding a way to actually accomplish that.

Certainly, in every action one undertakes in government, there will be criticism. The result of his bringing this long-sought-after goal to completion has been unprecedented growth for the Main Streets of both Biddeford and Saco, and consequent criticism of Alan. The parking issue, whenever and wherever it arises, is always a contentious issue.

Marston Lovell

mayor of Saco


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