I’m looking for information on Windham’s poor farm, located at 22 Town Farm Road. I am in the process of purchasing this home and would like to put together as much detailed information as possible.

The Lakes Region Weekly article, by Kay Soldier, was posted on the Press Herald website Jan. 16, 2015, and updated March 10, 2016, with the headline “It Happened in Windham.”

The start of the article is below:

“Newspaper articles and television news report the status of the homeless in these cold months of winter 2015. No longer do towns have ‘poor farms,’ but some cities have homeless shelters. It seems there are never enough. Back in 1890, Maine law required all towns and cities to lodge ‘tramps’ overnight. Tramps in those days were mostly men, oftentimes military veterans (Civil War). In Windham, the poor house or town farm was located on Town Farm Road. (The c. 1820 building is still standing, privately owned and renovated.)”

Mel Parker

Sun City Center, Fla.

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