I think I met Phil Spiller back around 2004, when he was going from full time to part time in the U.S. Navy and starting a career in the airlines with JetBlue. I became immediately aware that everyone that knew Phil loved him, and that he was someone anyone could count on. He was not only the loyal son of a former Westbrook mayor, but seemed a great brother and friend to all who knew him – and a man of great integrity and wisdom.

Back then – before he was involved with the rebuilding of downtown Westbrook, engaged with organizations like Westbrook’s My Place Teen Center or serving on the planning committees for the Westbrook Together Days and Memorial Day events – all our friends undoubtedly knew the day would come when he would follow in his dad’s footsteps and run for mayor of the city he loved so much.

I can say that not only is Phil the person that Westbrook needs on its side, but he will truly listen and do right by its residents. His passion and desire to make Westbrook vibrant and the place where businesses would want to open shop is what Westbrook needs now more than ever. He is constantly studying the past, learning how both failures and successes can be used to improve our future. And although I still hear people talk about how wonderful his father Phil Sr. was as a mayor in the 1980s, it is beyond a doubt if that Phil Spiller Jr. is elected he would be one of greatest mayors our city has ever seen.

Please vote Nov. 5 to have Phil not only help us honor our past and weather us through the storms, but bring Westbrook into a bold new future.

Vicki M. Buzzell