Brindi the dog is available for adoption through Midcoast Humane.

Brindi made her way into our shelter on our last rescue transport from Puerto Rico. This super sweet young lady was found with her three puppies on the side of a road in a national forest. She quickly warmed up to her rescuers and greeted them happily with kisses and hugs!

She was adopted once after she arrived in Maine, but returned within a few days due to her negative interactions with dogs that she met while she was in the home.  At the shelter, Brindi has been enjoying playing with other large male dogs but has not done so well with smaller dogs.  If there was another dog in the home that dog would have to come in to meet Brindi to see how she feels about a potential canine sibling.  We feel that a home without felines would be the best fit for her because, as a street dog, she shows far too much interest in cats. Due to her size and youthful energy, children in the home should be 10 and over.

Brindi is happy and playful but will calm down quickly with gentle handling.  She is great on a leash and very easy to handle, but continued work on leash manner training would be beneficial to her.  She knows the command “sit” and will need some work on “off,” so she does not jump up on people, in spite of the sweetness of her greetings.  We have learned that her favorite things, besides people, are splashing in the wading pool and fetching balls!

Brindi is a fun, delightful and gorgeous young adult looking for a family that will play with her, take her on walks or play with her in a yard. She is a big puppy at heart so her new owner should be willing to work on continued basic obedience and manners to help her solidify basic commands. This will, in turn, help her bond more thoroughly with her people, and settle into her home more easily. If you have the patience and time to help her blossom into the amazing adult dog that we know she can be, we promise you will be rewarded tenfold with a very affectionate and friendly, not to mention gorgeous family member!  If you can see yourself with this gregarious young lass, please call the shelter at (207) 449-1366, Ext. 206 or stop by and ask to meet the lovely Brindi!

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