A famous Cuban poet wrote: “I choose the poor as my people and share their troubles. I’d rather lose every comfort than turn away from their struggles.”

Layla Kargar embodies these words in what she does for her community. Despite her opponents receiving many endorsements, her endorsements comes from the people she’s helped.

When a reporter wrote that Portland voters would have to decide if Layla’s criminal past would disqualify her from serving in public office, it was an insult to the many people with a criminal past that may have a desire to run for public office. She’s the first person to offer me a writing job at “Incomer.”

Does it matter that the person giving me my first writing job has a criminal past and is a recovering addict? Should the decisions about Portland’s future be based off someone’s past? This is why we all need to treat the poor, the addicts, and the immigrants with respect because the people that are forgotten and ignored today may be the ones removing the roadblocks in your future tomorrow.

Vote Layla Kargar for District 3.

Brendan Williams

South Portland

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