I am extremely upset over the recently passed 100-child daycare. A daycare of this size is too close to surrounding households for noise and traffic issues. This will certainly decrease the quality of life in/outside of my home. Six months of the year in utilizing my backyard/deck I will be listening to 40/50 children playing every night. The same inside with windows open. I hear Congin School four times a day, nine months a year, Little League all summer, Rock Row summer weekends and now 40 to 50 children directly across my backyard two to four times a day, all week, all year long.

Concerning the noise in my backyard, I suggested additional shrubbery/trees and/or a fence, but this would present a maintenance issue for the owner. Amazing, no inconveniences for him but inconveniencing the neighbors is OK. The vegetation separating my backyard to the facility are bare about seven months a year, this does not constitute a noise barrier. With additions, the daycare will be even closer.

Traffic is another big issue. Surrounding roads are going to be highly impacted by the large increase in vehicles. Graham Road is used as a thruway to Bridge Street/Methodist Road to access Route 302. Add parking/snowbanks, the congestion will be excessive.

A research of daycares listed 16 within one to two  miles, six large daycares in a commercial setting with smaller ones in residential areas. A business of this size does not belong with residences. The former usage of no noise to a very active site is extremely disturbing.

It is unbelievable the Planning Board passed such a large business next to people’s homes. A 100-child daycare is a disruption to the enjoyment of my home and the neighborhood. This could potentially impact our property values as well. I welcome the men of the Planning Board to visit to listen to what I will have to listen to.

Maria Lundy