On Nov. 5, I will be ranking both Spencer Thibodeau and Kate Snyder for mayor of Portland. I urge Portland voters to do the same, in any order, but rank them both to ensure your vote counts.

Thibodeau and Snyder deserve credit for running positive, “high road” campaigns, and they understand that the job of mayor of Portland requires a collaborative leadership style in order to get things done.

At the same time, Ethan Strimling has been running a cynical, fear-based campaign where emails go out daily, backed up by social media trolls, falsely attacking individuals based on their profession or affiliations. This is identity politics at its worst and is emblematic of the divisive leadership style we have seen from Strimling over the past four years.

Let’s say “no” to division and hate, and “yes” to collaboration. That’s why, in the race for Portland mayor, we need to rank both Thibodeau and Snyder. That’s the formula for positive change.

Jim Cohen

former mayor of Portland

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