SCARBOROUGH — The current master plan for the next phase in the Scarborough Downs development will not affect the racetrack just yet.

The Scarborough planning board reviewed Crossroad Holdings LLC’s initial plans for the Town Center Residential Neighborhood, located next to the outer racetrack, on Oct. 24.

Phase II of the project, said developer Roccy Risbara, will allow the racetrack to keep its lease for the next couple of years, until a smooth transition to obtain the property can be reached.

Other aspects of the master plan include the possibility for some commercial use as well as affordable housing.

Dan Bacon of Crossroad Holdings LLC said that commercial use is dependent on what is marketable, but many of the board members were enthusiastic about the potential uses for the neighborhood.

“I fully understand that’s market driven, but I think you could potentially use that to drive your market,” said planning board member Jennifer Ladd. “A 400-foot coffee shop or something. I think there are some really small opportunities for something other than residential in this area that would go on to further set it apart from other residential spaces in town. In my own neighborhood, I definitely wish there were a coffee shop I could walk to every Saturday morning, and a playground.”

Ladd said that she thought the Town Center could potentially put business owners in small spaces above their store rental units, creating a more affordable opportunity for the self-employed.

Nothing is definite in that regard, however, Bacon said.

“We’d love to see some light commercial in the next phase, but we don’t know if that’s going to be viable in the next phase,” he said. “It could be a small office or a coffee shop.”

With regards to affordable housing, Bacon said they were optimistic.

“Phase I met the 10 percent requirement for affordable housing,” he said. “I think all but one of them sold for renting. I don’t think anyone else in town was able to do that.”

The 10 percent requirement for the affordable units will be credited for other projects in town and on the site, said Bacon.

Nicholas McGee, chair of the planning board, said that this project was large enough that a second workshop should be scheduled.

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