I don’t like putting wind under the wings of flying cows, but Mr. Balentine’s diatribe (Oct. 25) has moved me. Well, land o’ Goshen! Mr. Balantine has actually criticized Mr. Trump. Dead migrant children in ICE cages couldn’t do it. The murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville couldn’t do it. Betraying our Kurdish allies couldn’t do it.

Apparently, Mr. Trump’s use of the forbidden words “#@&!” “<*%$” (very dirty words…rhymes with “Pull Chit”) has shone him the light.

Profanity is a serious matter. When speech descends into vulgarity it is a signal that violence is on the horizon. I wonder what violence Mr. Trump has in mind, since posse comitatus has been suspended?

But, back to Mr. Balentine… An earlier diatribe of his I really enjoyed was his attempted castration of the Maine  Death with Dignity law. I was agape at his manly rejection of this law’s P.C. goal of a less painful, yet dignified death. I pictured a poor soul, dying of stomach cancer (no narcotic can dull the pain) manfully screaming, whilst the resuscitation crew kept him alive for yet another day. His poor family tearfully looks on and contemplates their life after bankruptcy. Another Republican experience…

But enough pleasantries…since I know Mr. Balentine’s Achilles’ heel…should we ever meet, I know how to address him…“Hello, you and the horse you rode in on…” (A tip of the old chapeau to Steven Colbert).

William D. Hill

P.S. Perhaps Mr. Balentine should get some smelling salts. I fear that Mr. Trump just cannot contain his rabid patriotism…apparently it’s all he’s got…
P.P.S. In the interests of full disclosure: Yes, I am a retired English teacher and yes…”Fools write on outhouse walls and English teachers sit there and grade them.”