Many in this campaign for Mayor are saying that what we need in a leader for our city is simply someone who will “be agreeable.” Someone who will make sure we all get along.

But getting along on behalf of whom? Agreeing to what? Developers who are over-gentrifying our city? Big business that is blocking protections for our workers and tenants? Hotel owners that want to squeeze out our working waterfront?

No thanks.

That is why I support Ethan Strimling for a second term as Mayor. He has challenged the status quo and is getting the City Council and City Manager to respond more actively to the people. He builds coalitions with grassroots groups in order to fully harness our power to make change.

And, in the end, despite ruffling a few feathers, he actually got big stuff done. In fact, it is actually the only way one does.

State Rep. Mike Sylvester


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