I’ve worked at a business on the Portland waterfront for 25 years, and I can tell you that if we keep selling off our city to the highest bidder, Portland is going to lose its soul.

Portland will turn into a city of the uber wealthy, in their luxury condos, and the poor.

I refuse to stand by and let that happen. And that’s why next Tuesday I’m voting for Ethan Strimling for mayor.

Ethan is fighting for working people – and getting things done. That’s how he’s earned the support of so many local organizations, like the Working Waterfront Group and the Portland Firefighters. And 30 labor unions. Yes, 30!

We need a mayor who fights for working people, for the soul of Portland – even if it ruffles feathers. Not an insider who’s popular on the cocktail circuit.

Ethan Strimling has my vote – and I hope yours too.

Mel Hamilton


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