The Maine Ethics Commission has ruled that Sara Gideon broke the law. The speaker of the Maine House was accused of writing checks from her leadership slush fund to cover personal donations she made to other Democratic candidates. Her excuse? She received “inaccurate guidance.” That wasn’t good enough for the Ethics Commission, which voted to hold Gideon accountable and fine her.

All of this comes after Gideon, who’s running to replace Sen. Susan Collins, launched a new TV ad inexplicably claiming she doesn’t accept corporate political action committee money. Turns out, as this newspaper reported, even that’s not true because Gideon has taken tens of thousands of dollars from other PACs, including U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer’s, that are funded almost entirely by corporate PACs. In the words of Portland Press Herald Staff Writer Kevin Miller (Oct. 27): “Gideon has accepted tens of thousands of dollars from so-called ‘leadership PACs’ run by Democratic members of Congress that, in turn, accept donations from corporate PACs.”

In other words, Sara Gideon accepts laundered corporate money while she boasts of not accepting it at all!

I don’t care where George Soros-supported Sara Gideon gets her campaign donations, but there is a word to describe someone who says one thing and then does another: hypocrite.

Mary Adams


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