WESTBROOK — Martini Lane, 894 Main St., has been sold to Mike Patel of Standish, who will change the store’s name to Westbrook Discount Beverage.

A customer enters Martini Lane, which is under new ownership and will be renamed Westbrook Discount Beverage. Chance Viles/American Journal

Longtime owner Phil Lane sold the liquor store and redemption center to Patel on Oct. 17. Patel plans to expand the product line.

“We are putting more in there, more wine, liquor,” Patel said. “It will be the same look outside, but we are changing the name to Westbrook Discount Beverage,   with a new sign on the way.”

Though new to Westbrook, Patel is enjoying the community so far.

“Business is good, things are going well and I like it,” Patel said.

Lane could not be reached for comment.