John Balentine’s recent column chastises Trump for his use of profanity in a recent speech (Oct. 25).

Oh, how far we have fallen that this is our new threshold for criticism. His slap on the wrist only goes so far as he writes, “I’m a Trump supporter and appreciate his sense of humor.”

While I agree with Mr. Balentine that there is no place for profanity in presidential speech, to admire Trump’s sense of humor is to condone the bullying and belittlement at the base of his every joke.

I challenge Mr. Balentine to recall a single display of humor that is not at the expense of someone or something else. In true form of a classic bully, Trump’s humor relies on insults to earn praise. To appreciate his humor is nothing less than to applaud his deeply disturbing rhetoric.

It is baffling that we not only accept but actually encourage our president to behave in a way that would not even be remotely acceptable if seen in our own children.

But alas, we should and will be judged by the company we keep, so continue to laugh with Trump at the expense of others and may you feel tall in your smallness.

Sarah Russell