U.S. Sen. Susan Collins and Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon are both accused, and accusing each other, of receiving big money from their own political action committees, aka corporations/Wall Street/foreign entities/governments, who are disguised as U.S. corporations (e.g., Central Maine Power). The mudslinging has begun and this is all we will hear about until November 2020.

Maybe it’s time, we, the people, revolt with our vote against anyone who receives monies from corporations, Wall Street, aka PACS. Why not do the right thing? Vote for people who are actually for the people, who understand the trials and tribulations the average citizen faces each day.

I had the opportunity to attend a town hall with Betsy Sweet recently. I heard her speak before as well as Sara Gideon.

Betsy stood out because of her passion, energy and advocacy. Sara stood out for her expertise as the House speaker.

I have decided. I will vote for Betsy Sweet because no one owns her. How can anyone advocate, legislate, create fair rules, laws, help oversee this great country of ours if someone else owns them? Susan Collins has been bought and we the people have been sold.

The Collins and Gideon campaigns will say Betsy Sweet is a lobbyist. Yes, this is true. I call her an “advocate” – lobbying for the people, not corporations, not Big Pharma, not Wall Street.

Lobby away, Betsy Sweet. You have my vote!

Joann Goodwin

South Portland

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