AUGUSTA — Applications for the Maine Department of Marine Resources lottery for new scallop licenses ends Friday, November 8.

Six new drag licenses and four new dive licenses will be issued for one of the most lucrative marine industries in the state.

Maine scallops were worth more than $10.50 per pound at the docks last year. The scallops often sell for more than $20 per pound in grocery stores.

Maine fishermen harvest scallops either by drag boats or by diving for them and collecting them by hand. The two methods have their own lotteries. The vast majority of Maine’s scallop fishermen use boats, but diver scallops are an especially popular restaurant item.

This is the first year Maine has instituted a separate dive license for scallops. Three of the drag licenses are earmarked for fishermen 18 to 30 years old and three will go to individuals 31 or older. The dive licenses are similarly earmarked.

To be eligible you must be a Maine resident 18 years or older and have held or hold any commercial license issued by the DMR.

Applications must be submitted by 4:30 p.m. online or at the DMR office in Augusta.

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