President Trump is selling us out.

He’s made enemies with most of our former allies.

His trade war with China has caused us to lose thousands of jobs, not to mention the recent bankruptcy of so many of our small farm families, who relied on China’s business to keep them solvent.

And he doesn’t hide the fact that he is a great admirer of Vladimir Putin, the most dangerous leader of the world. He pulls our troops out of Syria and that quick, Russia and Turkey move in, slaughtering the victims left helpless. Coincidence? Well, if you read the book “The Captains and the Kings,” it will give you a good idea why these “coincidences” happen.

And, shame, shame, shame on our elected officials in Washington, D.C., for letting this president get away with it.

God forbid, if our country were ever invaded, I have a good idea where Air Force One would be headed. It probably would be Canada, with our draft-evading president aboard, with his family, which includes his two older, non-military-connected sons. Trump would probably tweet to the world that he is on a “retreat,” literally.

Still loving my good old USA.

God bless America,

Toby Koles


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