I am frustrated with the partisan attacks in both directions over the impeachment investigations. I’m a moderate Democrat who doesn’t want to pursue impeachment but is concerned about the abuses of the president’s office we have seen in the past few years. Impeachment is a last resort, an effort to pursue only when the integrity of our democracy is at stake.

But today we have a president who violates the expectations of the office for his own personal gain. We have seen multiple examples of this, from violation of the emoluments clause, to his constant changing of “facts,” to the current issue of pushing a foreign country to investigate political rivals. At some point a line must be drawn beyond which our democracy is at risk.

Unfortunately, I believe that time has come. Our elected representatives on both sides of the aisle take their responsibilities seriously to protect our democracy and will approach any investigation with an understanding of the weight of their deliberations. They deserve our trust and not our condemnation. It is time for the Twitter attacks to stop. We need to stop trying to call this a partisan witch hunt or the worst thing to happen to our democracy and step back to listen carefully to the facts and evidence presented.

When all is aired and thoughtfully considered, we must hope that our representatives will do what is right to protect our democracy.

Rick Osann

Bar Harbor

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