Portland real estate brokerage The Boulos Co. has launched its own podcast series with interviews of notable developers who are helping shape the urban landscape of southern Maine.

So far, interview subjects have included Shipyard Brewing Co. founder and President Fred Forsley, Bateman Partners LLC President David Bateman, Olympia Development co-founder Jim Brady and Monopoly LLC and Lincoln Center Property Management founder and CEO Joe Soley.

Boulos Senior Partner Greg Boulos said the podcast series, dubbed the Boulos Beat, gives listeners an inside look at the major players in Portland-area real estate development, their personalities, backgrounds and ambitions. He hopes the podcast will be entertaining and informative while serving as a useful historical document for future generations.

“I thought it would be interesting for people 50 or 100 years from now to look back and understand who was behind some of the buildings going up today,” Boulos said. “Imagine if there were interviews of the developers who rebuilt Portland after the great fire in the 1800s.”

Boulos said the podcast series also could be useful for young, aspiring real estate professionals to learn how established players in the market have built their success.

Episodes thus far have been hosted by Boulos, but he plans to invite others to participate as guest hosts in future episodes. Upcoming podcasts will feature subjects including Joe Boulos, founder of Boulos Brokerage, Boulos Asset Management and Boulos Development (and Greg Boulos’ older brother); Peter Anastos, owner of Maine Course Hospitality Group; and Ford Reiche, a retired businessman and prominent local real estate preservationist.


Greg Boulos said interviews include personal stories about the developers, their successes and failures, and the circumstances that led them to where they are today. In some cases, the subjects did not set out to become developers originally, he said.

“These folks really pretty much all started from scratch,” he said. “For example, Fred Forsley got into the business kind of backwards. He owned a retail center in Kennebunk, which had a lot of vacancies, and he was trying to figure out how to fill the vacancies, so he said, ‘Well, maybe I’ll start a brew pub and put it in one of the spaces.'”

Now Forsley’s Shipyard Brewing is Maine’s largest brewery and is working on a $65 million redevelopment project in Portland that includes a 105-room, beer-themed hotel.

The podcast is available on the Boulos website at boulos.com/the-boulos-beat.

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