As Democrats and Republicans fight, tooth and nail, over the impeachment of Donald Trump, I am reminded of how dogs fight.

Much like my two Springer spaniels, the parties are displaying animalistic tendencies that are not sustainable in a functioning democracy. Like the parties, my two dogs managed to tolerate each other early on and then they decided, at the same time, that each wanted to be dominant. The results were similar in that it created an ugly scene of carnage. It broke my heart because I was not willing to give up on either pup or party.

This constant fighting between each other will have the same effect: a no-win scenario that damages the home and puts us in a perennial state of anger and anxiousness.

In the case of my Springers, I am happy to report that with training, two shock collars and some positive reinforcement, I did not have to put either up for adoption. They now wrestle hard but respect one another’s boundaries. If only we had a shock collar for the body politic.

Tracy Floyd

Cape Elizabeth

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