Edgar Beem needs to do some homework. He listed all the Democratic presidential hopefuls that he thinks should leave the race, including Steve “Bullard.”  It’s actually Steve Bullock, the governor of Montana, the only governor in the race.  Someone who was elected twice in a “Trump” state. Someone who was able to get Medicaid expansion and campaign finance reform passed with a Republican-controlled legislature.  He’s progressive on all the issues that matter to most progressives.

Bullock is of a younger generation, in his early 50s. He has a family and no scandals to his name. He’s from a western state, for a change.

I would posit that he is, in fact, because he’s been a governor, more qualified than anyone else in the group. But it’s hard to get air time when Bernie and Elizabeth and Joe are taking up all the oxygen.

Wish I could be as sure as Beem is that Warren, Biden or Bernie could win.

Mary Ann Larson