The Westbrook homeowners/residents signed below would like to commend Gorham Sand and Gravel for their outstanding work on New Gorham Road this summer. They started road construction in late spring and completed in November.

During this lengthy project, their employees were all professional, courteous and always accommodating to ensure the residents on this road were given the highest priority for access into and out of their driveways. On several occasions when trash collection was scheduled, the crew moved the trash cans for the convenience of the trash pickup vehicle and the residents. The flaggers consistently coordinated to keep the flow of traffic going as smoothly as possible while ensuring the safety of drivers and the construction crew. They endured considerable verbal abuse from irate and impatient drivers and were always polite and courteous, despite the drivers’ rudeness.

Gorham Sand and Gravel project manager Mark Johnson did an exceptional job of executing and completing the significant effort for coordination of manpower and machinery. He was always pleasant, helpful and went above and beyond for the residents. He also successfully worked with the Westbrook City inspector to ensure compliance with specifications and requirements.

Thank you to the company and crew for their professionalism, courtesy and a beautiful new road complete with new curbs and sidewalks.

Eileen L. Ladd
Mattha L. Ward

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