I am grateful to Rep. Jared Golden for his Oct. 25 opinion piece describing the impact of corporate and dark money on policy-making.

Golden says, “The corrupting influence of money in politics is interfering with Congress’ ability to deliver results for the American people.” I agree, and it’s not just me; people from all perspectives and positions on the political spectrum agree.

I would ask legislators: Wouldn’t you rather go to work every day and focus on substantive issues instead of the perpetual grind of fundraising? Isn’t that why you got into politics in the first place? Imagine the collective sigh of relief if there were fewer political ads and mailings and less negativity. Wouldn’t we all feel more confident in our government if the institutions and people with deeper pockets didn’t have an out-sized ability to influence decisions?

There are ongoing efforts in Maine and across the country to address the influence of money in politics and ultimately on our democracy. Getting money out of politics is not rocket science, it is efficient because it cuts across every substantive issue, and it directly and profoundly reflects our values and priorities as a country.

If you ever wonder what you can do to make a difference, here’s one simple and cross-partisan opportunity: Join American Promise as we steadfastly build support for a 28th Amendment to end the domination of big money in politics and regain a sense of trust that our political system is focused on people.

Jane Gallagher

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