SOUTH PORTLAND — Effective Nov. 1, the City of South Portland has implemented rate changes for disposal of items at the Transfer Facility. New rates can be found on the city website and social media pages, and on signs and handouts at the transfer station. Handouts also detail acceptable materials that can be disposed of at the transfer station.

This is the first time since July 2003 that rates have been updated.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2020, two other changes will go into effect at the transfer station: resident permit stickers will be required and contractors will incur an annual permit fee of $150 to use the facility.

Residents will need a permit sticker to enter and use the transfer station as well as the Swap Shop. The first sticker per household is free and the second is $5 (limit two per household). Stickers will be available at the Municipal Services Facility and at City Hall, where contractor permits will also be available.

Contractors must continue to pay the associated fees for disposal each time they use the facility (no running tabs) and may only bring in leaves, grass or brush. Contractors must show proof that the material they are disposing of is from a South Portland resident by providing the resident’s permit number.