Sen. Susan Collins has refused to comment on whether the president has abused his power and engaged in bribery, stating that she will be a “juror” should articles of impeachment be delivered to the Senate for trial.

So, imagine my surprise Thursday morning when I read that Sen. Collins was going to have lunch that day with the potential defendant! Yes, Susan Collins was lunching with the president, in the middle of the impeachment inquiry.

If it’s inappropriate to comment as a potential “juror,” how is lunch with the man she will be judging acceptable?

Sen. Collins continues to play political pingpong with serious issues that affect Mainers and our country. Many Mainers are disgusted with this type of gamesmanship.

What’s happening right now to our democracy is not a game. We deserve leaders with integrity and honesty protecting our democracy and the rule of law.

Sen. Collins is no longer a credible representative for Mainers.

Jennifer Jones


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