According to Washington Post columnist Marc A. Thiessen, “Incompetence is not an impeachable offense” (Nov. 15, Page A7). It certainly should be, and now we know it’s something Congress must give much more thought to, if only for the sake of humanity and the world as we know it.

Our president is the leader of the most powerful nation on earth! He, or she, has access to more than enough nuclear weapons to obliterate this planet and everything on it in about as much time as it takes to create and send a 280-character tweet. But the headline of Thiessen’s op-ed raises a much more important question: How did a person of such pronounced incompetence ever acquire the right to occupy the Oval Office in the first place?

I can accept the premise that many voters wanted to elect someone other than a politician to send a message to Washington. They were fed up with greedy, self-serving politicians. Unfortunately, that backfired horribly!

I do not, however, believe there were enough of those votes to win Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin. I believe there was an outside force in play and one day we’ll be told Russia played a much more invasive and influential role in the 2016 election than is now publicly known. When Russian President Vladimir Putin drafted his criteria for an American puppet, certainly competence was not on his list.

For now, incompetence per se is not impeachable, that’s why the 25th Amendment to the Constitution was adopted on Feb. 10, 1967.

Jerry Genesio



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