Because we can, let U.S. leaders support programs that meet human needs. Holidays seem to be times of asking for gifts and donations. That’s all well and good, but a democracy should manage to meet human needs at all times.

I am very appreciative of the Portland Press Herald’s Oct. 7 “Our View” lead editorial, “GDP growth alone won’t fix child poverty.” It got my attention and gratitude for keeping this issue in front of us.

To the person who asked whether people become dependent on benefit programs, I’d say, “Only if they need to.” First of all, children don’t have choices, and in their formative years, we, as a wealthy society, need to see that the resources of shelter, food, health and education are available to everyone. Providing enables; it doesn’t foster dependence.

Furthermore, a country that allocates over half of its multibillion-dollar federal discretionary budget on military spending should be ashamed that not everyone can get food and opportunity.

Grace Braley


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