In his Nov. 24 column, Editorial Page Editor Greg Kesich writes, “As the old saying goes, people are entitled to their own opinions but not to their own facts.”

The same rule applies to the media. On the same page as the column,  your editorial is headlined: “Impeachment inquiry justified by evidence.”

Every day, the two major parties battle whether the president should be impeached. The truth is no Democrat or Republican can vote as a member of their party in any Congressional vote including impeachment. The media has superglued the legal roles of the members of Congress together with their roles as members of political parties. Why?

Furthermore, the public is inundated with them coloring each state red or blue or purple. Fact: The largest plurality of voters are independent, both nationwide and in Maine. In many states voters are required to join a party in order to vote in elections paid for by voter taxes.

End the party voter prison! Investigate yourselves! Stop perpetuating the power of the parties by helping them control ballot access over “We the People!” America will be great again if you do. American media, stop blurring the lines!

Joe H. Pickering Jr.
Mainers for Open Elections

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