My father and mother were Republican voters for most of their adult lives. One of my standout memories is my father explaining having to fire a longtime colleague in his university department for falsifying travel expense reports. I equated being Republican with having high integrity.

My sense now, after watching President Trump, is radically different. He repeatedly ignores laws and then twists the truth to defend his actions. He defies Congress as they carry out their constitutional duty of oversight of the executive. He tries to use his office for personal financial and political gain, as his own phone record and the evidence presented during the impeachment hearings show.

Astonishingly, Republican lawmakers go right along.

Aside from standing up for the Kurds against Turkey, Republicans seem unable to call out the president for his misbehavior.

Why does Sen. Susan Collins align with someone who lies, manipulates, acts capriciously, ignores our national security agencies, publicly denigrates anyone who disagrees with him, makes racially biased statements, puts the lives of children and adults in danger at our southern border and around the world and puts our nation in danger when he cozies up to Russian President Vladimir Putin?

Where is her sense of integrity? What is she afraid of? Losing power?

My parents taught that integrity, fairness, compassion and generosity were our real powers, not money or position.

Winning at all costs is costing us our democracy. Let Sen. Collins know that we expect better from her.

Mary Tracy


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