I agree with the Press Herald Editorial Board, in their Dec. 3 editorial, when they wrote, “Newborn American babies should not be facing ever-shorter life expectancies because we failed to act.”

It is clear that more should be done to help those in the working class to get the support they need. There should be more support for those who are struggling with suicidal thoughts and any diseases that are associated with obesity. As a society, it is not acceptable for us to forget about the struggles that many within the working class have to go through on a regular basis. By helping others, we are really aiding the ability for our country to evolve.

It is good to know, though, that as a country we are helping to lead the way in terms of health care. Learning that the United States spends more on our health care system than many other countries should indicate that there are hopefully better times ahead. It is important that Maine considers this and looks for new ways to strengthen health care options for people living in the state.

Whether you consider yourself a member of the working class or not, more support is needed for those within it. To accomplish this, politicians and those who have the ability to make a difference, need to.

Benjamin Bucklin


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