We are coming up on the anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting, which took place Dec. 14, 2012.

Groups like Moms Demand Action will sponsor candlelight vigils or other events to mark the anniversary of this horrific event. Along with the Maine Gun Safety Coalition, Suit Up Maine and Remembering Darien, we will be co-hosting the Portland Vigil to End Gun Violence on Monday at 6 p.m. at First Parish Church.

I encourage everyone to look for and attend a Sandy Hook memorial in your area. Encourage your friends to attend. Learn more about what we can do.

I feel like we are making some progress – just not nearly enough and not nearly quickly enough. What we need more than anything is for people to put pressure on elected officials who are not yet supporting a common sense gun safety agenda.

The National Rifle Association’s secret weapon is turning out very vocal gun aficionados anytime any gun bill is before a legislature. These gun aficionados actually represent a very small portion of the population, but they are so much louder than the rest of us, and they show up en masse every single time, so elected officials mistakenly believe they speak for the majority. They don’t. We must be equally vocal.

If your representatives in state and federal government aren’t already voting for gun safety reforms, let them know exactly how you feel. And start working today to replace them with someone who understands the urgency of taking bold steps to rein in gun violence.

Michele Stapleton

volunteer, Moms Demand Action


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