LIVERMORE FALLS — The newest scam is a person texting people from an out of state number claiming to be a hitman hired to kill them within 48 hours if they don’t contact the texter back.

The person who texted sent a photo of the person who was texted from his social media account.

Livermore Falls Police Officer Troy Reed was notified of the scam Tuesday.

Someone texted that he would let the person live if the person contacted him. He then sent pictures of his last two victims which were clip art available on Google, according to Reed’s complaint narrative.

Reed advised the caller that the message appeared to be a scam.

If someone gets such a text, they shouldn’t respond, Reed said.

The person receiving this type of text should report it to police, Police Chief Ernest Steward Jr. said Wednesday.

The Livermore Falls Police Department can be contacted by calling 897-3424.

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