What has happened to the Republican Party? It was the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Margaret Chase Smith, Bill Cohen and Olympia Snowe, all great icons in national and Maine politics and who, among many others, exemplified true statesman and stateswomanship.

Today’s Republicans have seemingly become so extreme that they are willing to yell “Lock her up!” over an email and server matter found not to be illegal, yet these same Republicans blindly dismiss mountains of very credible evidence that Donald Trump blatantly violated his oath of office as he attempted to bribe a foreign leader, by withholding vital military aid approved by Congress, in order to manufacture dirt on his political opponent and cheat in the upcoming election.

Bill Cohen, who had the integrity to put country before party in the Watergate era, has said that Mr. Trump has clearly committed impeachable offenses. And we must ask today’s Republican Party whether they think the impeachment of Bill Clinton, over lying about an entirely private matter, was a “hoax,” or if they still support it.

And what if President Obama had bribed a foreign leader for personal gain? What would Republicans be saying? It is so sad that such a great and honorable lifelong Republican leader as Bill Cohen now appears to be so deep in the minority of his own party.

James Bilancia


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