Southern Maine sunset from near St. Ann’s Episcopal Church in Kennebunkport. Daniel King

When you take a handful of so-called scientists, who are applying for free government grants, of course 97 percent, (actually a made up number by Barack Hussein Obama, but you get my drift), are going to claim man-made global warming is real. When you take flawed, manipulated data and convince school grade children that man-made global warming is real and is a threat, they are going to fear for their futures. When you convince a number of people in the general population that man-made global warming is, in fact, a reality they look for solutions and they turn to the government to solve the problem.

Since 1970, when a community activist, (not a scientist). established Earth Day on March 21, 1970, the global warming alarmists have been ramping up their rhetoric. In 1971 the United Nations, (the globalist elitists), got into the act. That same year Sen., , Gaylord Nelson (again, not a scientist but an activist), organized an effort in the United States to push the agenda through academia using taxpayer funded staff to spread his message of impending doom. Ever since, special interest lobbyists, nonprofit environmental groups who depend on government grants to survive have convinced many people that we face dire, irreversible consequences if we don’t act quickly to solve the “problem.”

Nearly five decades later, they’re still at it. Seven towns in southern Maine will form a commission to accomplish the impossible. The Southern Maine Planning and Development Commission will be asking Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Wells, Ogunquit, Saco, Kittery and York to develop a plan that will do nothing.

Man made global warming has never been proven. No scientist has proven it. No meteorologist has proven it. No climatologist has proven it. Man made global warming is the greatest hoax ever. There has never been a cause/effect of anything mankind has done, will do or currently does that has any affect on the earth’s climate. Manipulated computer models have not proven it.

Science is based on hard evidence not consensus. But the alarmists are swayed by the agenda driven, so-called, scientists, who have formed a consensus based on a nonsensical notion.

The seas are not rising. The polar ice caps are intact. The four seasons are as unpredictable as they’ve always been. The moon still controls the tides. Lightning still charges the ozone. Droughts come and go as always since the beginning of time. It rains, the rain evaporates and it rains again. If those who will be participating in the commission want to study the changing climate, (which has been in flux since God created this great planet), they need to look to old Sol. It is the sun that determines the climate here on planet earth. The, commission, needs to familiarize itself with solar minimums and solar maximums. Solar flares are responsible for any measurable increases in heat in earth’s atmosphere and when solar activity wanes, temperatures on earth decrease. Neither is affected by anything man does or will do.


NASA and NOAA have admitted the fact that even though the presence of CO2 may be increasing in our upper atmosphere, there has been no change in earth’s over all temperature. It is highly unlikely that will change. The whole notion of man-made global warming is rubbish.

The American people no longer buy the sky is falling panic by the alarmists who are pushing the hoax. The Democratic presidential candidates barely mention it in their public debates but only mention it to their supporters in order to appease the activists driven by the cause. The cause is running out of steam and the perpetrators know it. In the 1970s the label was inadvertent climate modification.

That was too much of a mouthful so it was branded global warming. That, too wore out so we now have what they consider climate change. The alarmists are once more looking to re-brand the hoax in order to get people to focus once more. Global meltdown, climate collapse and climate chaos are among the few that may be the new lingo of the lingo of the alarmists.

The new commission ought to stay focused on its mission which is economic development of southern Maine and nothing more.

Jones Gallagher is a Kennebunk resident. He can be reached at Op-Ed submissions represent the views of the author and not the publication.

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