I read with interest the Dec. 10 Tribune News Service article “Greenland ice sheet melting exponentially faster than in 1990s, study says” and the Dec. 11 letter by Nancy Heiser, “Climate change must be our leaders’ top priority.”

These two add up to the conclusion that resilience efforts in the face of accelerating climate change and sea-level rise will be totally inadequate, and a refunded carbon-pricing law such as HR 763 (the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act), is urgently needed. The situation is identical here in Virginia, where the city of Norfolk is seeing flooding on a regular basis even on sunny days.

The conversation is not catching up. Desperate people are begging governments at all levels to build seawalls, buy out their homes or put them on stilts. But these same people refuse to use the phrase “carbon emissions” for fear they might offend someone.

Reality does not bargain. It is carbon dioxide that drives the Greenland ice melt. We must use the marketplace to cut carbon, or watch the sea accelerate its rise and claim coastal homes in large numbers.

Chris Wiegard

Chester, Va.

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